Peekaboo Randomizer

Peekaboo Randomizer is a plugin that allows you to randomly display pieces of content at your WordPress-driven website. It’s suitable for banner rotation, lucky visitor rewards, special offers… or just for making a webpage more exciting and fun.
Unlike some other similar plugins, Peekaboo Randomizer requires no JavaScript at the front end, and does all the job at the server.
You can play with it (and with Peekaboo Timer) in the Demo, located here.

Upon installing the plugin, you will be in the possesion of 3 shortcodes with which you can choose which block of content you want to be randomly displayed to visitors, and with what incidence.

…is simple. As with pretty much any other WP plugin, you should:

  • 1. unzip the package
  • 2. upload the entire peekaboo_randomizer folder to your plugins directory
  • 3. activate the plugin in WordPress dashboard (Plugins page)

A new icon in the WordPress’ TinyMCE text editor toolbar is created:


As mentioned at the beginning, there’s a convenient click-through dialog available in the WordPress’ text editor, which should make inserting shortcodes a breeze.

Bear in mind that the laws of probability sometimes may seem counter-intuitive and illogic. If you have set some content to appear on a page with a frequence of, say, 50%, don’t be alarmed if sometimes the content appears 5 times in a row… or if 7 times in a row it doesn’t… It may happen more often than you’d maybe expect.
So, if you suspect that something is wrong with the mechanism of randomizing inside the plugin, please test it thoroughly by reloading the page multiple (really multiple) times and taking notes of the (dis)appearance pattern. Probability is all about the Law of Large Numbers

Finally, let me inform you about the existance of Peekaboo Timer plugin, that you may find useful for combining with Randomizer.
Peekaboo Timer hides or shows any content in accordance with various time-related criteria. For example, you can make some blocks of content appear randomly (if combined with Randomizer) on a page during working hours, while other blocks shall appear on weekends and off-hours, etc…
Take a closer look: