Alert and Notification For Elementor

  User friendly design Show alert event (with click, with scroll to a custom class/ID,after specified time and with custom JS) Set close timer with Progress bar 2 beautiful layout with many variations Fixed position (top, bottom, left and right) Set background image , solid color and gradient color Set icon from icon sets or

Fat Services Booking – Automated Booking and Online Scheduling

  FAT Service Booking is WordPress plugin that provide you an automated booking and online scheduling of your services. It scans calendars for availability and extract free times. You control how customers can book the open time slots. FAT Service is made for large teams with easy control to your service, customer, calendar and your

QaForum – WordPress Questions & Answers Forum Plugin

 The WordPress plugin that helps you build your own Q&A Platform, customer service or feedback center, or a central knowledge base. Ask questions, or post questions as an admin Comment on questions – and get accepted as the answer Modify official answers as an admin Upvotes and downvotes

Envato Live Preview Switch Bar for WordPress

  Envato live preview switch bar is suitable for marketplace authors and web developers. When you are selling your items on Envato, using this plugin is a must if you wish to impress your customers & gain more sales! With Envato live preview switch bar you will have and manage all your live previews from

Portfolio Gallery – WordPress Portfolio Plugin

  Elfsight Portfolio widget allows you to present your artworks and projects on your website in the most impressive way. Embed your projects from any sphere: you can upload photos, videos, add descriptions, dates and more. The projects will be displayed as clickable cards inside your portfolio and will open in popup. Users will be

Shopify Connector for WooCommerce

 Shopify Connector for WooCommerce With the help of Shopify Connector for WooCommerce, integrate your WooCommerce store with Shopify store then synchronize products, categories, and orders between the platforms. With the help of WooCommerce Shopify Connector module, the merchants can import/export simple and variable types of products. The admin can connect multiple Shopify accounts to exchange

Subscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress Plugin

 Subscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress Plugin Easiest way to grow your subscribers organically by locking specific content in your site!! As the name explains, Subscribe to Unlock is a premium WordPress plugin which makes it fast and easy to capture subscribers right from your WordPress site by simply locking some specific content

Payment Form Builder Plugin for WooCommerce

 Payment Form Builder Plugin for WooCommerce The Payment Form Builder Plugin for WooCommerce allows customers to create the quotation for creating order on their behalf of any service. Admin can approve and disapprove the quotation as per the availability of resources. Then, the admin can create the order from backend and link will be sent

Ticketrilla: Client’s Server User Addon

 Ticketrilla Client’s Server User manages of requests for registration of temporary users on client’s WordPress. You need no more than 1 minute for integration the addon with plugin “Ticketrilla: Client’s Server User Addon”. You need to install it only. You can buy the plugin “Ticketrilla: Server” here Avaliable addons: Ticketrilla: Envato Licenses Ticketrilla: Client’s Server

Avirtum – WordPress Plugins Mega Bundle

 This is a complete set of plugins for WordPress from the author of “Avirtum”. All of them can be found on the CodeCanyon market separately. This package is sold at a discount of -30% off the total value of all goods in it. List of Plugins: iPanorama 360 ImageLinks Vision iPages Flipbook LivePreview Easy Custom