Google Interactive Maps

 Now for each map you can set “Background Transparency”, “Background Image”, “Inactive Region Transparency”, “Regions (paths) Border Color” and “Regions (paths) Border Width

 Ever wanted to brag about your orders. This plugin will make that possible by showing on a widget : how many orders you received today how total orders you received in total last order date and to increment those values manually You can add specific additional amount to both parts ( today orders , total

Stimmy — Responsive Mobile Menu

 Stimmy is a premium WordPress plugin that generates a responsive mobile menu using your theme standard menu as source (see requirement). Navigation is very important part of user experience and Stimmy makes it easier for small screens. It uses cutting-edge CSS3 techniques like blur effect for whole page (with fallbacks if blur is not supported)

Behance Portfolio

 our Behance Portfolio within your WordPress site in minutes! Behance is a great service to showcase your work. However, if you have a personal or corporate site, you might also want to showcase your work. But who wants to work double by updating both Behance AND the WordPress site? Thanks to Behance Portfolio for WordPress,

Crab Advanced Instant Search with many factors

 The Crab Advanced Instant Search is a plugin that make a Widget for displaying advanced search form to let visitors search very quicly in your Website/Blog. And you can put the search form anywhere in your theme with only one line. the visitor can search by many factors: Title, Category, Tag, Author, Day, Month, Year.

Metro Slider

 BEGINNING OF NEW ERA IN SLIDERS Metro Slider is the one and only slider with unique animated tile concept.Each tile can contain any number of image , enabling you to show all your items in one slide. You can add multiple slides in one slider where each slide can contain multiple tiles.Each image can be

WordPress Responsive Crossword Puzzle Game

 Features Attract more visitors to your website with “Crossword Puzzle Game” Responsive Layout jQuery Based Simple Installer Easy wizard based crossword creation Public and logged user only play modes User score tracking system Easy keyboard based game font end Text and image clues Multi language support

Clicker Counter

 Clicker Counter allows you to track clicks on file extensions or classes. All clicks are logged and ordered by amount. Visit the Settings and Maintenance tab and fill in one or both text fields. For example, if you want to track the global downloads of PDF files on your site, you need to enter pdf

Private Messages for UserPro

 Messaging is a cool add-on, it moves your UserPro powered site to another level by letting people interact with each other, awesome new message notifications and easily initiate chats and reply to messages. This plugin adds private messaging between users and allows users to receive notifications about new messages, view conversations, reply to other users,

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

 WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts lets you manage product pricing rules and cart discounts easily. Features and flexibility are not matched by any alternative. Boost Your Sales Sell more! Set up attractive discounts for customers who buy large quantities. Run special Christmas, Easter or Black Friday promotions. Set up clearance or flash sales. All laptops