WordPress Quick Read Plugin

 Your visitors might be looking for such a feature! By quickread plug-in, provide fast and quick access to your website content for your visitors You will be able to show your commercial next to your contents and provide better interactivity. Features Open Source Very clean code Install on your own WordPress and start to use

EditrWP WordPress Plugin

 EditrWP EditrWP is a WordPress Pllugin facilitating creation of Editr based embeds. It allows you to upload html, css, js files and create playground where users can view and change(optional) your code. It’s similiar to CodePen or JSFiddle but you host your files and you can style Editr however you want. Features GUI uploader shortcode

Supreme Shortcodes

 Supreme Shortcodes makes your WordPress website beautiful! This plugin adds 100+ extra functionalities to your website. You can choose from static elements such as: Boxes, Responsive rows and columns, Lines and dividers to animated elements such as: 3D Buttons, Modals and Popovers or Toggles and Tabs. Pretty much anything needed for todays modern web presentation.

Webful WordPress Reputation Management

 Description Webful Reputation management wordpress plugin is a very powerful plugin to get feedbacks from your customers on services and products you provide them. User simply land on a page of your website you can give them the url of your feedback page by any card or any other way they can come to your

Mobile Detect-Redirect Plugin With Cookies

 Mobile Detect-Redirect WordPress Plugin With Cookies A simple WordPress plugin that does exactly what it’s supposed to: it detects mobile devices it redirects visitors to a mobile website (or, allows them to choose if they want to be redirected or not) Main Features can be installed just like any other plugin uses the default WordPress

Custom Popup @ Product Page for WooCommerce

 WooCommerce Custom Popup @ Product Page “WooCommerce Custom popup @ product page” plugin is an amazing WooCommerce product details page popup plugin which allows the site Admin to create Custom Popup, place YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content in the popup. You can use this plugin to promote your products or

Canto Shortcodes – Premium shortcodes plugin

 Canto Shortcodes is a WordPress Premium shortcodes plugin. You can add shortcode with visually. Shortcodes 9 Color Buttons 9 Color Icon Buttons ( with Left and Right position) 71 Social Buttons Tab Accordion Toggle Responsive Columns 6 Type Alert Box (with and without closeable) Dropcap (with unlimited color) Highlight (with unlimited color) 350+ Icon (with


 Convert any currency to allowed PayPal currencies for PayPal’s Payment Gateway within WooCommerce NEW Since version 1.8: PayPal Advanced as payment gateway supported…though needs some minor adjustment in PayPal Advanced plugin. New currency exchange rate provider getexchangerates.com and fixer.io added. New elements for payment description established (legacy way is still available). Sample payment description content:

BWL Post To Breaking News Manager

 BWL Post To Breaking News Manager is a cool WordPress premium plugin that allows you to display unlimited number of breaking news in your WordPress powered website. By using it, you can able to display breaking news in any pages header section, footer section and in sidebars. This plugin has a nice option panel with