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Related Products Widget for WooCommerce

 “WooCommerce Related Products Widget” is a jquery based wordpress plugin which is used to show the WooCommerce related products with various sliding effects based on the current viewing product’s related category or product tag. And if the viewing product does not have a corresponding related product then it will show the latest products there. This

Comment Genius

 Comment Genius is a plugin which allows you to aggressively market your site by presenting a lightbox with Facebook Like/Share, Twitter Tweet, Google AdSense Ads and more to your visitors upon leaving a comment. Comment Genius allows the user to create a customizable lightbox popup (width, height, properties), suitable for Facebook Like/Share, Twitter Tweet, Google

Page-Links Plus

 Page-Links Plus is a WordPress plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently. It solves four important challenges: First, it adds a “view as single page” option to WordPress page lists. (Natively, WordPress page lists do not include this option.) Second, it helps non-developers style page lists and manage pagination parameters (eg., http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_link_pages). Third,

MailChimp Social WordPress

 How it works? This plugin let your public subscribe your newsletter via Facebook, Hotmail, Google, LinkedIn, VK and by just typing the email. What’s the bonus? Users do not have to confirm the email because the email is already “confirmed”. You can collect their First, Last Name and Birthday! It’s really simple to configure the

Ajax Post Preview

 Long Story Short This plugin gives the ability to users to see the preview of the entire post by hovering over to Post Title. It provides four different preview template presets. However, you can create your own preview template too if you don’t like any of these presets. This plugin provides a lot of options

Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer

 Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is the master plugin that includes many features, including all that are in “Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer” plugin. Since, any license (Regular / Extended) available on CodeCanyon allows buyer to use the product on just one site, we have made individual functionalities of that plugin as separate products;

WooCommerce One Page Shopping

  WooCommerce One Page Shopping is an e-store extension that allows for faster checkout than ever before. One Page Shopping will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate checkout page. After the user adds an item to their cart, the checkout fields appear at the bottom of the