Power Headline – Headline Split Testing

 Are you tired of guessing which title on your wordpress might be better? This plugin allows you to enter more than one title for any of your post, pages or custom pages. Then our system automatically finds out which title is getting the most clicks , and makes that one your permanent title. This plugin

WP Ajax Messages System

 WP Ajax Messages System is a private messages system plugin for wordpress that allows you to interact with your wordpress users and according to user roles Contacts based on users roles Instant Filter Contacts Instant Read Messages Instant Send Messages Instant Delete Messages Built Using Bootstrap 3.X Responsive Requeriments: WordPress 3.4+

Animation Block for Visual Composer

 Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is the master plugin that includes many features, including all that are in “Animation Block for Visual Composer” plugin. Since, any license (Regular / Extended) available on CodeCanyon allows buyer to use the product on just one site, we have made individual functionalities of that plugin as separate products; in

Visual Composer Add-on – Medium Gallery and Ribbon

 Features Optional layout of the Medium Gallery, you can manually set a string of numbers to specify the number of images each row contains in the gallery. Optional gallery width, gutter, title and alt for the image in the Medium Gallery. Optional ribbon label, ribbon link, position, ribbon background, ribbon color, image link etc in

WooCommerce Conditional Featured Image

 This plugin allows you to display a featured image of a product depending on what category the product is being viewed in. CONDITIONAL BASED ON CATEGORIES Select what category you want to set the condition for and then assign a featured image, when the customer views the product through the shop page, and the set

Bubble Styles Addon for SocialBox

 With this addon for SocialBox you’ll get 5 additional themes for SocialBox. After activating the plugin, the styles integrate seamlessly into the style picker within the options of a SocialBox widget. No further steps needed!

WooCommerce Flip Product Image

 WooCommerce Flip Product Image is a plugin that makes your product images flip! 1 minute installation possibility to choose what image to flip choose between over 60 flipping animations

WooCommerce Coupons by Location

 Offer coupons valid for locations of your choice. WooCommerce Coupons by Location restricts coupons by customer’s billing or shipping country, state, city, zip, pin code or postal code. According to research, customers convert more when offered a discount. Additionally, offering location aware, contextual offers significantly boosts conversion rates. In short, you can get double increase

Woocommerce Tabs Pro: Extra Tabs for Product Page


Visual Composer Popup Notifications

 Visual Composer Popup Notifications lets you add the popup notifications to your pages/posts. Notifications are shown on page load. You can customize the look of the popup by applying different themes and colors. Popups can be restricted to show only set number of times and can be hidden forever on close button click. Popups also