Bootstrap Editor

 WordPress Bootstrap Editor Plugin, Create responsive page using all Bootstrap power!

Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps

 Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps Stock and Forex Markets Heat Maps is a WordPress plugin, which displays a world map with countries colored according to how their major stock indices perform or how their national currency is traded against USD at the moment. Bring your website visitors up to speed with global economic trends!

WooCommerce Fees

 WooCommerce Fees Plugin gives the ability to charge fees for each Product. It adds the Fees option in each Product page which when configured will make sure the Fees gets added in the Cart when that Product is added to the Cart. You can set the Name of the Fees, Fees value as a Fixed/Percentage

Shortcode Templates

 Have you ever found yourself needing to use the same element on many different pages over your site? a site alert? a spoiler alert? a newsletter signup? a banner of any kind? This is what shortcode templates allows you to do. Create as many different templates as you like with whatever content you need and


 Query version here: Bookshelf you can use for my projects FlipBooks, but of course you can use for any other purposes. Features: responsive design title for image redirect for images Category name for books horizontal or vertical images ( also mixed ) each image can have a different size and other…

WooCommerce Advanced Discounts and Fees

 WooCommerce Advanced Discounts and Fees is used for set discounts and fees for selected payment method and shipping method on checkout page. Site admin can set below features Set discounts based on payment method selected Set extra fee based on payment method selected Set discounts based on shipping method selected Set extra fee based on

Useful Links Collections

 Details: Useful Links Collections is an WordPress Plugin. Plugin allow you to create useful links collection or favorite bookmarks and share links list with visitors on your site. Easy to add new link and display multiple shortcodes per page. Modern styles for link directories. Custom filter to sort lists by categories. Demo Features: Responisve;

Christmas 3D

  Easy integration to any site 15+ images included Animation smoothly fades when page scrolls down Setting to show animation once and save feature in cookie for session or number of days Hide button with custom styles and hiding modes: session and any number of days Modern and smooth animation IE11+ support Advanced 3D realism