WEMI – WordPress Easy Map Image

 WEMI is powerfull plugin for wordpress platform that allow to create HTML Map’s in very easy way, just with a few click’s. The MAP tag is used to define a client-side image-map. An image-map is an image with clickable areas. With WordPress Easy Map Image you can create infinitely images with infinitely areas, just a

WordPress ssPlayer Sound Player Plugin

 Simple Standalone Player HTML5 for WordPress This is a wordpress plugin sound player standalone work only in modern browsers which support html5, easy embed in your wordpress theme with simple administration panel ans quick add page or post button. Video user guide: WordPress plugin Standalone player Play Mp3, Wav and Ogg files Supported in mobile

SEO Plus — Search Optimize Your WordPress Website

 SEO+ is the easiest and fastest solution for optimizing your WordPress website and tracking progress for search engines. With all the built in tools you’ll need, your website will soon overpower its competitors. Features Mass Content Optimization — Change meta tags for all your posts on one single page. Theme Validation — Check your theme

Fast & Custom Grid


Visual Composer Add-on – Zoom or Magnify

 Extend Visual Composer, give user the flexibility to display large images in Zoom or Magnify mode, then user can see more details of the image. Features You can choose to display the image in Zoom or Magnify mode. In Zoom mode, you can choose the control bar position, container background pattern, container width etc in

Snow 3D – Christmas Plugin

  Easy integration to any site 200+ snowflakes included Animation smoothly fades when page scrolls down Setting to show animation once and save feature in cookie for session or number of days Hide button with custom styles and hiding modes: session and any number of days Modern and smooth animation IE11+ support Advanced 3D realism

Woocommerce Visual Products Configurator

 Features PERFECT FOR COMPLEX PRODUCTS Do you sell complex products which has a lot of options your customer needs to setup prior to purchase? Well the Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator got you covered by giving your customers access to a fun and simple build your own interface not only to compose their perfect product but

Solver – WordPress Support Wizard

 Solver helps your customer to find solution simply answering nested questions. With wizard and image/video is easier for your customer understand questions and the solution of problem.   Features Infinite nested questions Visual generator with intuitive interface Infinite colors Cross browser Multilanguage without mo and po Fully responsive Clean and modern look Smooth height transition

WooCommerce PDF Suite

 Summary WooCommerce PDF Suite is an easy to use PDF solution for the WordPress Woocommerce plugin. It enables both the admin and front end users to quickly retrieve information from an ecommerce website and view it in PDF format. Information that can be retrieved using the Woocommerce PDF Suite includes: A catalogue of all products