WooGeoProduct WooCommerce

 A plugin for WooCommerce to show product based on country, region and/or city. User can add multiple options or leave blank for all. Features   Geo-target multiple product/category Geo-target by country Geo-target by region/state Geo-target by city Disable/Remove Geo-targeted product Show-Hide Geo-target product   How to Use it? Its very simple, all you have to

WordPress Woo Subscriptions Api

 Important Note – we have shifted some of our products in this account we will keep providing support to our all customers who bought from existing account, so please don’t worry.. In case of any issue please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com Guide http://www.ranksol.com/documentations/wordpress_woo_subscriptions_plugin_guide/ Introduction WordPress Woo Subscriptions Plugin is an extended plugin version

WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value

 WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value extends the possibilities of WooCommerce by offering function where a person cannot confirm the order without a specific minimum order value. It will help you to fix a limit on the order value. Such as If you will set minimum order value as $500 then no one

Flexible datepicker

 WTPSY Datepicker provides a datepicker functionality to any input field. This plugin has a beautiful and clean UI calendar for any date field registered.

Address auto-suggest and autocomplete

 WTPSY AAC provides an address autocomplete funtionality to your custom fields or fields created using ( Contact Form 7 ,WooCommerce ,Gravity Forms ,Ninja Forms ). This plugin is powered by google maps api which makes this plugin very accurate.

Contest Bundle

 Contest Bundle: Photo Contest + Video Contest (WordPress Plugins) Photo Contest 34$ + Video Contest 34$ = Total – 68$ Bundle Price – Only 48$ (Save 20$] Thanks to Contest Bundle you can easily organize a photo or video contest on your website, or create an independent website just for the purpose of the contest.

WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix Plugin

 WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix Plugin WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix provide the facility to add a custom order prefix and custom order suffix also. Admin can add a prefix to the shipping method also. Store owners often need to change order numbers either for customer convenience or to keep business information safe. In such

Smart Footer System

  Unlimited Footer design with Smart Footer System a footer plugin for WordPress! Most Internet sites use very similar footers, a 1,2,3 or more columns, do you want to have the ability to create footers in a totally new and different way? In addition to creating infinite footers using Visual Composer, Page Builders or custom

SumPost – Automatic Post Summarization with Smmry

 A summarization plugin that summarizes post content automatically. Works best with RSS aggregators! Here’s how it works: 1. Your RSS aggregator pulls in the post content into draft or pending mode. 2. Select the amount of sentences that SumPost will the automatically summarize for each post (as long as the content is long enough) the

WordPress Audio Players Plugin with Layout Builder

 The best Audio Players pack for WordPress with layout builder. Choose from 15 different customisable Audio Player designs we created just for your needs. This pack is truly awesome and unique in its design and usability. Audio Players Features Fully WordPress Compatible 15 Audio Players to choose from Fully Responsive Special Colors Editable Fields MP3