WOOPS – WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel

 WOOPS – WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel provides an easy way to display WooCommerce products in a super flexible responsive product slider or a responsive product carousel. This plugin comes with 6 easy shortcode, 4 ready widgets, 7 hover animation type and unlimited customization. The shortcodes are easy and highly configurable to control the look

Easy View Shortcode in Visual Composer

 Copy shortcode in Visual Composer used for different purposes: in WP Widget Text, with do_shortcode function…. You trying to build pages with Visual Composer shortcodes in Classic Mode instead of using the Visual Backend Editor can be a frustrating and confusing experience. After all Visual Composer exists to build pages visually and not fight with

Advanced Carousel for Visual Composer

 FEATURES – Carousel anything at any position (row / column) in VC Full Width carousel section Vertical carousel Can define custom gutter space between two items Choose, customize & design your own navigation Responsive Drag & touch friendly Apply CSS3 animation to carousel items Lots of settings!

WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry

 WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry This plugin allows you to enable “Request a Quote” or “Product Enquiry” feature in your WooCommerce store. You can keep your shop mode ON or OFF (in OFF mode, general product catalog will be displayed, without shopping features). You can also choose to display your product’s price or not.

WooCommerce Profit of Sales Report

 PLUGIN FEATURES Input Cost of Good for each product Quick edit Cost of Good on Admin Products Listing Show Profit of an Order on Admin Order Details page Allow editing Cost of Good on Admin Order Details page View reports to monitor profits: Profit by date Profit by product Profit by category View reports by

WooCommerce Product Size Guide


Image Accordion for Visual Composer

 Requirements & Compatibility Plugin requires Visual Composer 4.x. You must buy item separately. Designed only for backend-editor. Can setting in Front-editor, but not with all features. Plugin is compatible with the WordPress versions 3.9 and later (PHP v.5.2 or greater; MySQL v.5.0.15 or greater). Most JavaScript enabled Browsers will make them work with no issues.

Hotspots with Comments

 Let visitors create hotspots on images. Your visitors can create hotspots on images on your site and leave a comment. Create custom hotspots yourself to create tool-tips or annotations. Visitor created hotspots Allow anyone (or no one) to create hotspots. When you create a Hotspot Image, visitors can click the image and create a hotspot

Lightning Cache + Redis

  Automatically create a cache for each page on the frontend site and automatically clear the caches for any page that has content changed. This is one of the only WordPress plugins for Redis that works out of the box on a server that has Redis installed! *IMPORTANT: Redis must be installed on your server