Awesome Admin Color Palettes

 Isn’t everybody excited about the new wordpress 3.8 theme and the newadministration panel look? The only thing that’s limited are the color palettes inside the theme. There are just a few color palettes available, and they don’t seem to be on everybody’s taste. Why did we decide to create a plugin related to this? First

Twitter Feed

 Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress allows you to easily display 6 different twitter resources in a wide variety of ways, using the included shortcode engine and widget. Choose from 5 different skins and 3 different shortcode types. The skins are fully responsive. The plugin has the option of caching twitter data to improve the performance

Keyword Suggestion Tools

 Features With keyword suggestion tool you can instantly get thousands of words ideas from real user queries! Use the words to get inspiration for your next blog post, or to optimize your content, title, tags or meta keyword. Basically, this plugin is useful to assist you in optimizing the web. System Requirement Have cURL or

WP Country Specific Content

 If you’re looking to show different content based on your visitor country this plugin is what you need WP Country Content Shortcode Plugin lets you show content in posts/pages based on user country. The plugin adds an icon in the visual editor which will open up a dropdown and ask you to select a country

SVG Avatars Generator

 SVG AVATARS GENERATOR’S GLOBAL FEATURES: Brand New Responsive Interface Retina Perfect Works on Touch Devices Easy Integration Easy to Translate (Seven languages are already included) Dark, Light & Custom Color Schemes Save a User’s Avatar on a Server Three Download Options (only one special, if you work in iOS (mobile) Safari and in Windows 8

Woocommerce Category Accordion Plugin

 Woocommerce Category Accordion Plugin “Woocommerce Category Accordion Plugin” plugin helps you to show all category into accordion box and admin can design his own category box for widget and shortcode or admin can use default box also. It is compatible upto wordpres version 4.1.1 and woocommerce version 2.3.4 so we are ready for any help.

Page Track

 Page Track plugin will show page scrolled details how many visitors scrolled page how many percentage scrolled full page This Posts and Pages Track plugin will details about how visitors see your page. It will monitor and report how many visitors scrolled on a page and how many (percentage) scrolled the page completely. Posts, pages

WooCommerce Already Bought Before

 his Plugin works with WooCommerce 2.1.x and WooCommerce 2.2.x without restrictions. Tested with WordPress 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.2.6 The Plugin Already Bought Before (ABB) for WooCommerce checks if the currently logged in User has already bought the product he is viewing at the moment (when he’s on a single Product Page). If yes, it will

Remote Content Extractor

 Ever felt the need to allow other articles or links to be shared on your WordPress site the way you share links on FB? We have designed an intuitive way of sharing third party links with an image and an automatic excerpt where-ever you put the shortcode in. The posts will pick-up your site’s own