WooCommerce Product Availability Slots Plugin

 WooCommerce product availability slots plugin allows store owners to make products purchasable or unpurchasable for specific time. Admin can set multiple time slots for the availability of the products in each days of the week. The product will be purchasable or unpurchasable according to the time slots set in the backend settings. The products with

Progress Map, Keyword Search

 Keyword Search is a lightweight extension for Progress Map. It allows you to add a search input field in the map allowing your map users to find locations by keywords. The plugin searches inside the Posts Title, the Posts Content and All Custom Fields Content. This goes beyond WordPress native search and will definitely allow

WP Welcome Message | WordPress Popup Message Plugin

 Make a unique user experience via enticing welcome messages! WP Welcome Message | WordPress Popup Message Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create enticing and potential welcome messages in the form of popup. There are plenty of pre-designed layouts to choose from and even customize it for your needs. The plugin offers

Sky Scanner WP-Widget

 Find Cheap Airline Tickets Global flight search 30+ widget option sets Up-to-date design and web technologies Fast speed Keeping users on your website! WP Shortcode Skyscanner is an online engine to search for air tickets, which allows users to view flight details using a variety of criteria. With the widget, you can easily choose where

Lottier – Lottie Animated Images for WPBakery

  Lottier is a WordPress plugin for adding and managing animated pictures using the WPBakery. The Lottier is excellent for adding light and eye-catching animations to your WordPress website and increase the conversion and engagement of your customers. This plugin uses the library of JSON animations from lottefiles.com. The animation library includes thousands of exciting

GuTutor – Online Tutor Directory Booking and Management

 GuTutor – Online Tutoring Management WordPress plugin assists tutoring business owners with student booking, tutor management including  tutor information and scheduling, internal business system including subjects, bookings between student and tutor, course, calendar, reports, and reviews, and internal setting such as product description, tax, payment setting, and email setting. Highlight Features Logical Booking Steps for

Tinytooltip.js – Responsive WordPress Tooltip Plugin

 tinytooltip.js WordPress Plugin v3.0 Responsive WordPress tooltip and popover plugin with valid HTML5 and CSS3 Intuitive tooltip, popover and image hotspots creator WordPress plugin with 12 Positions, Responsive Image Hotspots, HTML content templates, Menu templates, AJAX content loading, Flexible & Customizable color preset skins, videos and much more. – Elegant WordPress Gutenberg Editor Block for

WooCommerce Butcher Calculator

 WooCommerce Butcher Calculator-if you’re searching for a smart, simple tool that allows you to easily create price estimation of your animal butchery, to give your clients the opportunity to get information about your services and products costs you are in the right place. WooCommerce Butcher Calculator lets you to calculate the animal cost for, spices,

WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator)

 WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator) lets you to enter your specification and add all items you need as per your calculation in cart at once. WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Product Estimator) plugin add multiple product at once in cart according to your measurement calculation, you just need to tell the area in m2 it

Contact Form 7 – Trello – Integration | Contact Form 7 – Trello – Интеграция

  English Contact Form 7 Trello Integration is a Trello integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your Contact Form 7 forms directly to your Trello account. After the integration, submited the form are automatically added as card to the specified board and list in your account Trello, together with additional