WooCommerce Bulk Coupons Editing

  WooCommerce Bulk Coupons Editing Plugin Some of stores impress their customers through grant a discount for that, there are some different ways to apply discount over product. Consider, you want to add some codes in your sore for specific products or maybe you’ve added some coupon in your shop and now you want to

WooCommerce Sale Pattern – Sale Countdowns & More

  Ever heard about dark pattern in eCommerce? No? Then you should definitely continue reading. Dark pattern are used in eCommerce since years and are well common. Even though some people judge them, many big brands like booking.com or amazon.com uses them. Some examples your might have seen during your own shopping experience: Sale Countdown

Jeg Portfolio – Responsive Portfolio & Gallery Plugin For WordPress

  Jeg Portfolio Publish your portfolios instantly on your site. Tell everyone about yourself through the works that you create. Show your masterpiece Attract as many clients from all over the world by showing your stunning works. General Features Clean and Responsive Layout We’re aware of how important it is to show your works to

3D Photo Wall – WordPress Media Plugin

  3D Photo Wall – WordPress Media Plugin A classic 3D wall of photos with 2 modes “flat” and “curve” with lot of configurations. Component Architect Every UI elements are designed as separated components from the ground up. Components are loosely coupled widget objects that can be reused and customized in different projects. Extensibility with

WooCommerce Multiple Addresses

 What is it Giving your customers an option to add multiple shipping/billing addresses is definitely an advantage to your WooCommerce store. With this feature, your store customers can easily switch between addresses when they checkout. WooCommerce Multiple Addresses plugin lets your customers add | edit | delete multiple billing, shipping addresses from their my account

Brona Audio Player With Playlist Elementor Widget

  Presenting Brona Elementor Widget Ultimate Audio Player With Playlist support This stylish audio player offers support for audio playback, Soundcloud music, RSS Podcast, Youtube audio and video, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Loading songs from folder of audio files and more. Wrapped as Elementor widget, it comes with extensive configuration panel. Intelligent playlist creation enables

WordPress Accessibility Plugin – Readabler

  Readabler is a WordPress accessibility plugin that expands the boundaries of information accessibility for people with special portability. The availability of content for people with special needs or difficulties with information perception is the most important part of each site’s operation. According to the World Health Organization research: globally, 1 billion people have a

Citadela Directory Plugin – Listing plugin for Gutenberg

  Definitive Directory WordPress Solution Welcome to the new age where you can build a directory WordPress portal or listing website like Yelp using blocks. This Gutenberg directory WordPress plugin lets you add WordPress blocks such as Directory Map, Search Form, Category list or Items List anywhere you like – without coding. Wide range of

Share WhatsApp Plugin

 Whats app plugin features WhatsApp button WhatsApp button and box colours Add custom icon in the WhatsApp button Two button layouts Add rounded or square borders Vertical and horizontal position Custom button text Custom user message