Page Builder Sandwich


Page Builder Sandwich is quite possibly the the last page builder you’ll ever need. With its front-end drag and drop capabilities, Page Builder Sandwich allows you to create and design your site the way your visitors see it. Get access to numerous features such as shortcode mapping, hassle-free and pop up-less editing, and more. With us, you’re sure to have a page building experience like no other.

Human-Oriented Interface

Most of the time, page builders make you go through a lot of popups just to edit a simple thing. For example, if you want to edit a heading, you’ll have to open up a popup, type in a text field, then save and close the popup. With Page Builder Sandwich, it’s super easy, just click on your content and start typing. It’s so much faster and feels more natural.

Global Shortcode Mapping

Other page builders let you map out the different attributes of the shortcodes that you have. Page Builder Sandwich on the other hand, does things in a global scale. We have hundreds of plugins listed in our shortcode mapping database. Shortcodes from popular plugins in the WordPress plugin directory will be mapped out right away, complete with attribute descriptions to boot. Easily create and edit shortcodes from NextGEN Gallery, JetPack, ACF, WooCommerce, Shortcodes Ultimate, bbPress, and hundreds more. This feature is unique to Page Builder Sandwich.

Ease of Use

Using Page Builder Sandwich is unbelievably easy, fast and unlike anything you’ve used before:

  • Click on text and headings and start typing right away
  • Type in shortcodes directly to add them, or pick them from a list
  • Paste in a URL or an embed code to add videos and other content
  • Hit Ctrl+Z / Command+Z to undo mistakes
  • Drag content to move it to another location
  • Drag images in your browser from your Windows Explorer / Finder to add them
  • Pick styles from our inspector to design your page
  • Add raw HTML, widgets, sidebars, shortcodes, Google Maps, vector icons, and plenty more

Stress-Free and Fluid Experience

We made sure to remove all distractions and hinderances from the flow of editing. Now you can concentrate on creating your design with nothing else holding you back. No more going through multiple popups and filling out fields to edit stuff.

Use familiar tools to make your site

Following your intuition is key. Add text, columns, colors, pictures, videos and other design elements using buttons and shortcuts that you already know.

Site Performance

We include as little scripts and styles as possible to your site to ensure that everything loads fast. Scripts and styles are only included when you use them.

Use With Your Current Set Up

We have successfully used Page Builder Sandwich with a lot of themes including themes from the theme repository, Genesis Themes, StudioPress Themes, Elegant Themes and themes from ThemeForest. If it doesn’t work with your theme, please let us know and will fix it.

Works With Your Existing Content

Page Builder Sandwich integrates with how WordPress deals with content, so it should work well with your existing pages. Your content should be editable right away in the frontend.