OTP for Gravity Forms – The new Double Opt In

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Double your conversions by instantly verify your subscribers

You get the most out of your marketing activities by verified subscribers. And this addon helps you collect real human subscribers without loosing 50% of them because of the double opt in process. Verification made simple and still GDPR compliant. Verify your subscribers instantly without the ride to have useless contacts inside your marketing software.

What it does:

The OLD boring way:
Your Subscriber enters his email address inside your form. After that he sees a site saying “Yeah, check your Inbox”. After that he gets and email with something like “Please confirm your email”. And finaly after that, another side appears :) Wow, what a long journey.

Your Subscriber enter his email address, clicks the “verify now” Button inside the Form, get an Email and enter his One Time Passcode directly inside the form without leaving the site or see another one. Stop loosing subscribers because of the old DOI Process. More Conversions by Simplification.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Don’t waste your time to implement the DOI Process into your existing gravity forms. Get fast and easy GDPR compliant DOI forms within 3 simple Steps.