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Advanced Content Viewer Plugin

 Create post lists – any kind Using this smart plugin, You can build post lists based on options you choose from a form in a plugin settings page. It works similar to SQL query but no coding knowledge is required. Check out the Live preview here You can copy and past the short-code  anywhere as

Product Size chart Plugin for WooCommerce

 Product Size Chart Plugin for WooCommerce The Product Size Chart Plugin for WooCommerce allows the admin to easily create Size Chart for their products. The admin can create a customizable size chart and then assign the created size chart to the products. Using the Product Size Chart Plugin for WooCommerce, the admin lets their customers

FireMX Premium Email Forward Services

 FireMX Premium Email Forward Services is a flexible WordPress Plugin make you can Set-up a “catch-all” email alias, which will redirect anything sent to your domain and redirect to email address you want.

WordPress FAQ Plugin

 Just FAQs is a WordPress plugin that comes up with the features to enable Frequently Asked Questions Module on your site to keep engaged customers/users. What is the purpose of FAQs? When you go for shopping and when you didn’t the answer to your questions related to a selected product, what’s your view? 90% will

Multi Vendor Instagram Shop Feeds for WooCommerce

 Multi Vendor Instagram Shop Feeds for WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Instagram Shop Feeds for WooCommerce will allow the store owner as well as the vendor to do marketing by using the Instagram post of the product user. Also, the vendor can add the Instagram Shop feed on the Dedicated page, Shop page and Product Page. Here shop

Pregnancy Calculators for WordPress.

 Pregnancy Calculators With the help of the WordPress plugin ‘Pregnancy Calculators’, you easily integrate 13 credit calculators into your website. Credit calculators: Ovulation calendar Pregnancy Pregnancy By Week Safe Days Calendar Date of conception Gestational Diabetes Diet Weekly Pregnancy Weight Gain Gestational Age Crown Rump Length Ultrasound gestation period Child gender by updating the blood

Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce

 Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce Order Attachment plugin facilitates the customers to buy medicines from an online pharma shop by uploading a prescription for the medicines that require one. File attachments are useful for uploading a doctor’s prescription for buying medicines, vaccines, or other types of drug products online. Further more, the admin can

EDD Category Discount

  EDD Category Discount plugin allows you to manage discounts for your EDD store. It is important that you strategically create rules for the discount offers. In addition, things get complicated when you have multiple products and you want to offer discounts based on multiple parameters. EDD Category Discount plugin offers well-defined solutions to help

Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

 Listifier Demo Login Details URL: http://listifierone.wp-themespro.com/register/ User Name: rayan Password: rayan Listifier Plugin Features Listifier premium WordPress business directory and service finder plugin comes with ready to use features like built in dashboard, package systems, featured listings and much more. For more see below list Packages System Built in package system integrated so you can