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Amazon Associates Review Shortcodes

 Amazon Associates Review Shortcodes is a plugin which provides you to use shortcodes to see the number of review of the product and the overall rating based on Amazon customers’ reviews. Plugin gives you possibility of using shortcodes which shows number of review and overall rating for Amazon products. There is jut one step to

Text Message from WordPress Website

 Programmable SMS Send and receive text messages globally with the API that over a million developers depend on. Twilio Setting Enable Twilio SMS Service:Would you like to enable Twilio SMS Service from your website to send SMS to any number from your twilio number? Twilio SID: Your Account SID from www.twilio.com/console Twilio Token: Your Auth

SimonTaxi – Vehicle Booking Surcharges Plugin

 This plugin enables admin/vehicle owner to collect different surcharges from customers. All surcharges are optional and admin can enable based on their requirements. Surcharges can vary from state to state and country to country. Unfortunately, you probably can’t avoid state and local sales taxes — or the equivalent in many countries, the value-added tax (VAT),

Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Layouts Plugin

 Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Layouts wonderful extension for Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking to switch between different color themes and tab styles. Awesome Features: Admin can choose among the available color themes (Currently supports 5 color (Default, Blue, Orange, Aqua, Green) themes Admin can choose among different tab styles for booking page in step 1 Admin

Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Round Trip Plugin

 Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Round Trip Plugin enabled to offer Outstation Round Trip vehicle services for your customers where a traveler starts and ends his vehicle trip in the same city where he/she started from. This is useful to those who are looking forward to a nice Weekend or doing official travel, whether there is

Hide Email Address

  Easily protect email addresses on your WordPress website from being accessed by web crawlers, web spiders and all kinds of bots. Just install and activate the plugin and email addresses in posts, pages, widgets and comments will be protected automatically. Our plugin does not change any content in your database, we process the content

WP Mail Logger

 About the plugin WP Mail Logger is a powerful mail utility. Its keep all logs of your outgoing mail in an easy to manage screen. It comes with mail read and unread detection system. That helps you to know that mail recipient read or unread that mail. If read then you get mail opening time.

Online Voting Manager


NextGen WordPress PopUps – Create, Customize and Control PopUps

 NextGen PopUp Controller is an unique solution which offers Creation, Customization and Control of PopUps. We offer more than 50 in build templates. You can create new templates, save created templates, reuse existing PopUp Templates. You can configure (by adding rules) and show PopUps to visitors based on any combination of location (Country, State, City),

SimonTaxi Drivers Plugin

 Enables Drivers module on Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking System. Now assign a driver to a vehicle on Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking easy with this plugin. You can assign a driver and can charge driver charges from the customer. You can set the driver charges as ‘Fixed Value’ OR ‘Percent’ Note: This is a custom Plugin