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Stock Profit Calculator for WordPress

 It’s a beautiful WordPress PlugIn to quickly and easily determine the Profit or Loss from a sale on shares of stock with Net Return On Investment, Buy and Sell Commissions, Break Even Share Price etc! This PlugIn is Ideal for organizations who shows Stock Information or Financial Information in their website. Install the PlugIn and

Password Policy Manager for WordPress

 The main culprit of WordPress hack attacks are weak passwords. WordPress does auto suggest strong passwords but users can still use weak passwords. Unless password policies are enforced, users use weak passwords. The plugin Password Policy Manage for WordPress was developed with this problem in mind – it helps WordPress website owners and administrators ensure

Brightery Web to Whatsapp WordPress Plugin

  Brightery Web to Whatsapp WordPress plugin The easiest way to connect your audience through whatsapp from web view!! simple way to connect your whatsapp account to receive your own support complains and more! Main Features: Easy to install: Brightery Web to Whatsapp WordPress plugin is amazing, All you need to do is to upload

Click to WhatsApp Chat for WordPress

 Description Using Click to WhatsApp Chat for WordPress customer can easily connect with site owner/support using their WhatsApp account Just one click on the WhatsApp account and it will directly go to the WhatsApp account with default message in mobile and if customer are in dasktop then it will redirect to WhatsApp web. This plugin

Interest Only Loan Payment Calculator for WordPress

 This PlugIn will Calculate the monthly interest of a loan. Are your clients taking out loan that only requires monthly interest payments? The result will show monthly interest payment. This PlugIn is Ideal for Bank or Financial organizations. Install the PlugIn and let your clients calculate just in website without leaving it. See the “Live

Social Cards Plugin for WordPress

 Social Cards plugin for WordPress Social Cards plugin for WordPress enables the user to generate OG (open graph) images for their posts which they want to share on Facebook and Twitter so that when the users share their posts so a post image will get generated for their post showing the related content of the

Image Hover Effects Blocks for Gutenberg

 Beautifully Designed Hover Effects for Images with Captions Specially for Gutenberg Features 200+ Hover Effects Custom Colors Custom Font Sizes and Font Family Custom Animation Speed Image Popups Supported with all browsers Unlimited Variations

Early Loan Repayment Calculator for WordPress

 Early repayment will reduce a big amount of total financing costs. Overpaying a few extra from loan each month could save a lot of money of Loan-takers in interest over the long term. It could also reduce the total number of repayments. This PlugIn is Ideal for Bank or Financial organizations. Install the PlugIn and

Long Term Savings Calculator for WordPress

 This PlugIn is ideal for Bank or Financial organizations. If you want to let your customer deposit a specific amount money every month (or daily, weekly, quarterly etc.) for long time that they can earn interest from it, this PlugIn will help visitors calculate instant on the website. They will have to simply enter Initial