Open Beacon Video Comments for WP Using FFmpeg


  • FFmpeg support to compress and convert MOV, 3GP and FLV to MP4 format and create snapshots the said videos
  • Adjustable FFmpeg conversion speed and compression quality inputs
  • Automatic FFmpeg detection. If not detected, the input path can be entered easily
  • Automatic detection of maximum file size php.ini settings
  • HTML5 video comment playback
  • Comment list to go directly to the video comment you want without having to scroll through with the navigation buttons
  • Direct URL for every video comment currently being displayed
  • Download button for video comment currently being displayed


Open Beacon Video Comments for WordPress only works for WordPress 3.6 and later versions.

Key features

  • Scroll through comments using Ajax or generic HTML requests
  • Allow direct playback and downloading of video comments by other users/visitors
  • Has a straightforward back-end that allows viewing and editing of video comments; there is also a settings page to modify the presentation of video comments on the front-end widget
  • The plugin is presented on the front-end as a widget so that means that it can comfortably placed on any sidebar that the admin deems appropriate
  • The plugin is also responsive and as such appears perfectly on phone, tablet or computer