Online Exam Management

Online Exam Management is a WordPress plugin to create and manage online exams for students and publish exam results.

– Manage Online Exams
Create exams, set exam center, duration, date and start time. Manage students and assign roll number to each student.

– Conduct Multiple Exams
Create any number of exams. View completed exams, recent exams, upcoming exams and on-going exams.

– Objective Questions
Add objective questions to exam. Set maximum marks, negative marking, options, correct option etc.

– Single-Choice Questions
Add any number of options for a question and set the correct answer among the options.

– Multi-Choice Questions
Add any number of options for a question and set multiple correct answers among the options.

– Subjective Questions
With subjective questions, student will have to enter the answer in a text area.

– Subject-wise Questions
Add multiple subjects. Group questions into subject. Set subject order, question order and so on.

– Randomize Questions Order
Change the order of questions for each student.

– Questions Color Palette
Students can browse questions via questions navigation and view answered, unanswered, visited, marked questions.

– Exam Start Timer
With centralized start time for the exam. Students can see the time remaining for completion of the online exam.

– Export/Import Students
Import students from other exam or from CSV file. Export students to CSV file.

– Publish Exam Results
Students can select an exam, enter roll number to view the exam results. Also, control if students can see results immediately after completion of exam.

– Student Answer Sheet
View complete answer sheet of each student, attempted questions, obtained marks etc.