oneClick admin menu

Main features

  • Create unlimited icons
  • Material design
  • Advanced customization
  • Selectable icon image and background color
  • Access control
  • Indicates the number of page hits
  • Custom statistics for menu items
  • Woocommerce statistics integration
  • Constantly expanding statistical information
  • Support multisite
  • Support languages
  • Continuous updates

Easy customization

You can set display and behavior options.

  • Show / hide the frontend menu button.
  • Show / hide the backend menu button.
  • Show / hide the admin bar on the frontend.

  • You can open the menu on click or on hover.
  • Look at statistics for the menu items.
  • Count the pages and posts hit.
  • Edit current page or post after just one click.
  • Horizontal or vertical submenus

Personalise it yourself

Choose the color that you like best.

Access management

Manage your menu

Add or remove your custom admin menu items.

Choose from more than 500 icons and more than 170 colors options.

Select the icon type from dynamically generated existing admin menu.

appsMaterial design

Look at the name, or name and statistics of the item in material tooltip.

You can use the vertical menu if you prefer.