Off Page SEO plugin

CURRENT VERSION 2.2.1. – Off Page SEO plugin is a plugin developed to help you get better rankings and get more control over your off-page SEO activities!

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Detailed description

Rank reporter

Every 3 days, the script automatically controls your ranking in Google for the specified keywords and URLs. You get a full report in your email box.

As this is a key functionality of the plugin, we took a good care of it. We have three methods of getting your ranking. From Google results directly, using proxy and if those two pretty much exact methods fails, we are connected to Google Search API. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right method – its automatic!

Once the automatic rank control is finished, you get a report into your mailbox so you can keep eye on your ranking progress.

Make notes about your backlinks and see their influence on ranking. Have full control over the expenses. Also, make sure your link is not deleted – the plugin check your backlinks every 5 days and lets you know if they are being deleted.

Connect to Google Webmaster Tools API

See data from Google Webmaster Tools in your WordPress administration! You will get stats for every keyword and page you are getting ranks for.

Social Share Counter

The plugin goes through all posts from the post types that you specify and counts how many shares there are on various social sites and keeps this number updated!

We are offering opportunities to get a new backlinks that will help your positions in Google.