Ninja Forms Public View

What is Ninja Public View?

The Public View add-on for NINJA FORMS is a great way to show form submissions to your website visitors. Ninja Forms is one of the leading forms plugin available on, our Public View add-on works seamlessly with it.

You can use it to show various data collected via your forms, easily hide the Fields you do not want to share.


  • Assign which form you want to show be declaring the form ID via the ‘form’ parameter. For example: form=1
  • Hide selected submitted fields via the ‘exclude’ parameter in the shortcode. Simply enter the Field Key name of the form element. For example: exclude=phone_number
  • Sort the view by a selected Field Key using the ‘sort’ parameter. For example: sort=name
  • Set a table style via the add-on admin panel.
  • Upload a global header image for the table.

Uses include

  • Show attendee list
  • Show entries for a sports meet
  • Share latest local updates collected via forms
  • Share information gathered internally via private Pages
  • Use it for fast data previews
  • …and many more uses!