Ninja Forms Asana Integration

Ninja Forms – Asana Integration plugin


This plugin easily integrates your Ninja forms to Asana workspaces. All submitted forms will be sent to your selected Asana Workspace and Project, including all data from all the form fields.

Our plugin configuration consists of 3 easy steps under Asana Settings.

1. First, you need to enter your Asana personal token. This must be the administrator’s account token (in order to see all workspaces and projects). We suggest to log in as Asana admin account and then obtain personal access token – that way you will see all workspaces and projects and not just the ones assigned to you. Learn how to obtain Asana Personal Token here
2. Then select workspace, where the project will be created
3. Finally, select project where to post the Ninja forms submissions.

Under Ninja Settings, you can define which Ninja Forms to attach to the Asana integration. You can select all or select individual ninja forms to attach to Asana.

Under Validation Settings, you can enter your CodeCanyon license key and CodeCanyon username to receive plugin updates