Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin by CodeSpeedy

Features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin

This plugin can send different types of SMS for different order status. Below are the features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS plugin:

  1. Send SMS after buyers order on WooCommerce store.
  2. Send payment complete SMS.
  3. Send order failed SMS.
  4. Send order complete sMs.
  5. Send order hold SMS.
  6. Send SMS for the canceled order.
  7. Send SMS for refunded order.
  8. Send SMS for pending payment.
  9. Enable or disable any type of SMS for admin or for customers or for both.
  10. Easily customize SMS text.


Usage of this WooCommerce SMS alert plugin

After installing the Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Notification Plugin you have to configure and set up the Nexmo API. You can get the Nexmo API key and SMS plan on the official Nexmo website by creating an account there.

Now enable SMS types that you want to send or recieve.

You can customize the SMS text easily. Tere are some special text format to display WooCommerce variable.

Below is the list which shows how to show these value:

  • ORDER_STATUS: Show the status for the order.
  • ORDER_CURRENCY: Show the currency of the order.
  • ORDER_TOTAL: Show the total price of the order.
  • ORDER_ID: Show the order ID of that specific order.