Multisite Widget Mimic

Multisite Widget Mimic

This widget replicates other widget areas from any site in a WordPress Multisite!

This plugin is meant ONLY for WordPress Multisite installations!

Simply place the widget in the area you want it to appear and specify the blog you want to pull from, the widget area you want to mimic widgets from, and the specific widgets in that area.

This widget automagically pulls the content from the other site and displays it as desired.

See ‘Usage’ and ‘Screenshots’ below for more information and examples for how to use the widget.

Why use this widget?

We actually decided to build this plugin for a large multisite project that aggregated posts and other data from a number of blogs. We had a requirement to implement a sidebar displaying this data across all sites that was editable/maintainable from a single point. The plugin proved to be a lifesaver for us in development, and even more so for our client.

The mimic widget provides three primary advantages to users:

  1. Ability to create complex sidebars once and easily replicate it among as many sub-sites as desired; no need to extend any theme files or WordPress files.
  2. Ability to choose to use data(posts, comments) from the source site or destination site on each replication.
  3. Easy to use interface