Multi-Level Push Menu

Are you tired of the same old WordPress Administration Menu? With the latest version of WordPress you can choose between multiple new modern color schemes, but you are still stuck with the same menu and icons.

Give your WordPress admin a sophisticated look with this nested multi-level push menu, and easily customize colors, fonts and icons with our Visual CSS Editor.

We hope you will like it!

Multi-Level Push Menu for WordPress Admin

Login using the information below and take a look at the menu.

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow

List of features

  • Replace the default WP-Admin menu with the Multi-Level Push Menu
  • Rearrange the menu items in the WP-Admin menu
  • Change names of menu items in the WP-Admin menu
  • Change the Icons for each top-level menu item in the WP-Admin menu
  • Change the CSS including Colors and Fonts with the Visual CSS Editor (go to Settings > Google Web Fonts to enable the fonts you want to use in the Visual CSS Editor