Mona Pokedex – Pokemon Go knowledge base wordpress plugin

Mona Pokedex is an encyclopedia for Pokemon Go. Plugin written on shortcode and widget platform, can be easily embedded anywhere on your current website and increase your traffic by transform your website into a place where trainer can search for specific Pokemon informations .
Pokemon Go wordpress plugin
Mona Pokedex include:
– Complete data of current 151 pokemons with 18 pokemon types, 123 moves, 4 tier and 56 evolutions
– Shortcode included 7 different types: List, pokemon, type, evolution, candy, tier, search.
– Widget included 6 different type with random values.
+ 151 pokemon data: No, Name, Type, Max CP, CP per level ( order by Tier ranking ), Base attack, Base defense, Base Stamina, Capture rate, Flee rate, Candies require to evolve, Egg distance to hatch.
Weak against and Strong against ( base on type )

Moves list
Recommend Moseset: The best moveset for this pokemon by DPS
+ 123 Moves in 2 different types: Quick move and Charge more. Very detail infomations: Damage, Cooldown, Energy per second (EPS), EPS on same type pokemon, Damage per second ( DPS ), DPS Same type, DPS on same type pokemon.
+ 18 Pokemon types: Strong and weak against other types. All pokemon and moves in this type
+ Pokemon Tier list: Pokemon ranked by tier based on equivalent CP index that they gather after each time they Power Up
+ Pokemon Evolution chart: complete evelution chart with candies to evole
+ Pokemon Candy chart: Candies requirement for evolution


Update 1.1

Special thanks for R3dRidl3, UniPixen to help us improve our plugin. We are looking foward to receive many suggestion from you guys.
Update Pokemon importer – Remove SQL import
HTML Structure

Here is the schedule for other update
– IV check: make users easy to choice what Pokemons they should keep to evolve and power up.
– CP evolution calculator: range of CP that pokemon will has after Evolve. Ex: Magikarp 250 will evolve to Gyarados 2525 – 2950
– Trainer level data
– Pokemon Matchup: help user to choice pokemon for Gym fight depend on Opponent’s pokemon.