Mega Footer for Visual Composer

Do you love using Visual Composer for your pages?

Is your footer stuck in the default ‘3 or 4 columns’ that came with your theme?

The site footer is a valuable piece of site real estate, often containing lead generating items such as mailchimp forms and social icons. A well designed footer can be a tremendous benefit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use Visual Composer to easily build out this valuable space…

Indeed! using the Mega Footer plugin you can now compose your venerable footer with that most effervescent and refreshing of composers, Visual Composer.

All over the internet, website footers are saving the day, catching visitors like a safety net, before they hit the bottom of the page.. hard.

A study by Chartbeat looked at 25 million website visits and found that visitors scroll down thousands of pixels. No page is too tall, no footer too far.

Website Footer Design Best Practices: 27 Things to Put at the Bottom

Make your footer incredible, using the magic of Visual Composer, and enjoy the splendid benefits and good will of a thousand happy customers radiant throughout the universe =D

Use all the elements of Visual Composer, maps, forms, grids .. even your custom elements. So easy, drag and drop it all about to make your footer so nice.

Comes with 12 pre-built footer layouts to get you going,

$10 only =)

So everyone can make their footer so MEGA

Happy footer everyone!