Maps Pro


Maps Pro

Maps Pro is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to create and insert maps into your WordPress posts. This plugin lets you play with maps without any coding skills required. You can also edit and customize your maps with over 1000+ styles available.

Main Features

  • Maps editor
  • Customizable markers
  • Customizable shapes
  • Styles search
  • Recent maps

Other Features

  • Autocomplete search form
  • Responsive or fixed-sized maps
  • Controls customization
  • Animated markers
  • Labeled markers
  • Auto-generated markers
  • Editable info windows (support HTML)
  • Customizable polylines and polygons
  • Customizable rectangles and circles
  • Handy color picker
  • Geodesic shapes
  • Traffic layer
  • Transit layer
  • Bicycling road layer
  • Styles search
  • Categorized styles
  • Snazzy Maps supports
  • Reusable maps
  • Maps history
  • Maps organizer
  • Reusable shortcodes