Lower Thirds Title Creator w/ YouTube Live Integration

Lower Thirds Title Creator w/ YouTube Live Integration leverages the latest YouTube API v3 to deliver chat messages from your live streams for use in video production. The clean dashboard manages all Google Authentication and automatically discovers your live streams. This plugin creates a live JSON file you can use as a data source with vMix and other live production software to power titles and overlays. This plugin also stores all of your messages for into a database for use later.

Finally, we have added a lower thirds title creator which allows users to build lower thirds powered with live data from YouTube. Users can upload any PNG file they which to begin creating lower thirds they can bring into their live video productions via a web browser input inside: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), xSplit, Wirecast, vMix and more.

Top Features:
Easily Manage your YouTube Live API
Easily feed live data into your video production software
Save all of your live stream chat information into a database
Easy WordPress Installation
Automatic Authentication into your YouTube Account
Automatically Discover of live and scheduled streams
Upcoming Features
Embed chatroom onto your website with short code
XML Support – Wirecast Support
CSS Support to customize chatroom
Additional YouTube API Data for simple dashboard to display viewers, subscribers and other data
Lower Third Title Creator
Included PNG Titles