Loupe Image Magnifying Glass for Visual Composer

Add an Interactive Loupe to Zoom on Your Images

What is a loupe? It’s that circular magnifying glass-like thingamajig placed on top of images that zooms in a part of it. Normally, this cool web design element is done manually by graphic artists. But we’ve brought it to the next level, and now you can create your own with ease.

Loupe Magnifying Glass WordPress plugin is a Visual Composer addon that enables you to add a magnifying glass on top of your images. This is not just a normal loupe magnifying glass, it’s interactive and you can drag it around to zoom in the different parts of images.

The plugin also works if you don’t have Visual Composer, just use the shortcode!

The loupe is also very customizeable, you can use circular or square loupes, add a shine to the glass, have shadows, and change thesize, colors and thickness of the loupe.

We don’t like complicated things, so we made things simple. Just select your zoomed in image, then the plugin does the rest. You can also try the plugin out in your own private sandbox, click on the live preview link above to test it out.

Full Feature Set

  • Interactive Loupe, drag it around your image,
  • Customizable size, color, opacity and thickness,
  • Use circular or square loupes,
  • Add shadows or a shine on your loupe,
  • Works with any theme,
  • Very easy to use,
  • Properly coded in WordPress standards,