LocateAnything BuddyPress Map Addon

A map for the community

LocateAnything for Buddypress is an addon that allows you to instantly create  filterable maps of your Buddypress users.

Don’t repeat yourself

You already have the address or even the geoURL of your users in the database? You don’t need to enter it again!  Just specify the corresponding fields  in the option page, LocateAnything will geolocate it for you!



New template tags

LocateAnything for Buddypress makes it possible to display any extended profile (xprofile) field in the templates.



Other tags :  |full_avatar|,|medium_avatar|,|small_avatar|,|BP_latest_update| ,|BP_url|

Filters on Anything

Choose any number of extended profile fields and set them as filters.  Really simple and powerful, LocateAnything for Buddypress totally adapts to your social network. Need a map of your users filterable by age,  musical taste, prefered  pet and favorite color? With LocateAnything for Buddypress you can create it in seconds!


New Tooltip preset 

This addon comes with 3 great tooltip preset. Edit them to fit your needs and start creating usermaps right away!