LetsPush Web Push Notification plugin for WordPress & Woocommerce

Web Push Notifications also called Browser Push Notifications are clickable messages that can be sent from a website to its user even without knowing their email or any other contact information. These notifications are delivered in real-time, even when the user is not browsing your website.

letsPush Web Push Notification Plugin allows admin to send push notification messages to its subscribed users. You can send custom message, market your product or send any updates about your website to your visitors

Key Features :

  • Notify user when new product is launched
  • Notify user when price drop
  • Notify user when new post is published
  • Send custom notification
  • Test before send
  • Easy to use & responsive admin panel


  • No signup needed
  • No third party SDKs
  • No subscription or monthly fee
  • Unlimited notifications and subscribers

Supported by

  • Chrome Browser (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Firefox Browser (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android

Requirements : letsPush Web Push Notification required SSL and GMP extension.






Please send your queries, suggestions and feedback at https://www.letspush.co/contact/

Video Tutorial