Let it Snow EnkoSnowfall

Let ut Snow EnkoSnowfall is a WordPress Snowfall Plugin. Christmas is coming every year and many of us loves this event. In many places of the Earth this celebration is associated with snow, so let it snow on your WordPress website!

Let it Snow EnkoSnowfall makes to snow on your website! You can choice how you want to snow. This plugin have many options that can help you make your perfect snow for your website.

You can customise:

  • Plugin activation for Desktop or Mobile
  • Snowflake models. There are 12 different styles to choose, or you can combine all 12 or a part of it to make a very intersting snowfall effect!
  • Snowflake size. There are 6 different sizes to choose, or, you can also combine all six or a part of it to give to your WordPress website a diversified snow.
  • Number of flakes. You can control and set the number of flakes. It is your choice how abundant you want to snow on your WordPress website.
  • Color of flakes. You can also change the color of flakes. You just need to put your favourite color, press save and magic happens!
  • Speed of flakes. If you want to snow slower or faster, just decrease or increase the number in the speed field from your settings page for this plugin.

After all this WordPress snofall plugin can give to your wordpress website the perfect snow that you want for winter season, for Christmas, Summer :)