Layers Advanced Google Maps

This plugin is a google maps extension for Layers theme to create google maps easily. WP Google Maps Widget is an easiest wordpress plugin to add multiple maps on a map, add any number of markers without worrying about latitude and longitude and get instant preview before save. Below are the list of features you can use seamlessly with this plugin.


  • Map Width
  • Map Height
  • Zoom Level
  • Map Type
  • Center Latitude
  • Center Longitude
  • ON/OFF Scroll Wheel
  • ON/OFF Map Draggable
  • Map Styles – Copy styles from and paste in General Setting
  • ON/OFF Street View
  • ON/OFF Visual Refresh


  • Show/Hide Pan Control
  • Position of Pan Control
  • Show/Hide ZOOM Control
  • Position of ZOOM Control
  • Show/Hide Map Type Control
  • Position of Map Type Control
  • Show/Hide Scale Control
  • Position of Scale Control
  • Show/Hide Street View Control
  • Position of Street View Control
  • Show/Hide Overview Control
  • Position of Overview Control


  • Show/Hide KML Layers
  • Show/Hide KMZ Layers
  • Show/Hide TRAFFIC Layers
  • Show/Hide TRANSIT Layers
  • Show/Hide WEATHER Layers
  • Setup Wind Unit for WEATHER Layers
  • Setup Temperature Unit for WEATHER Layers