Layer Magic

Layer Magic is a powerful tool that uses hardware acceleration to create overlapping layers and give users full control over their behavior, as well as the entire project. It is designed to give you the power and freedom to create exactly what you want.

It is a well optimized tool, with a feature rich editor (on which we are improving a lot) that allows you to create cool effects on your websites.

Visual Composer compatibility: We have tested Layer Magic and it works well with all the recent versions of Visual Composer, however it should work just fine with older ones as well. If you do find versions that it is not working on please let us know in order to see if we can address it.

On the horizon: Version 1.2 is in the testing phase! We have implemented ‘under-the-hood’ features that calibrate how your projects are running on the device it is viewed on in order to hit the maximum performance and quality possible for that device. Full control over these optimization options will be available in the editor at a later date, along side a more complex optimizing system.

Known issues: We are aware of an issue with installing Layer Magic v1.1 on wordpress – A solution for this is available on our knowledge base, but this will be resolved in the v1.2 release.