Keep Fresh Your Old Content with Update Boxes

The main purpose of the plugin is too keep fresh your website content. After some news happened, you create custom messages for corresponding old posts, and visitors see latest update/news message when they visit those posts.

For example: you have a lot of old posts about Pluto, and today Nasa’s New Horizon arrived Pluto. This is very important news for this topiv. So with simple update box that latest news will be shown in all posts about the Pluto.

The plugin can create the rules which can be used if – 1. You have some series of posts about something and you want to put final result link to all posts of series. 2. You have advertised or reported some campaign(contest, exam, job vacancy etc.) which deadline passed. 3. You have some old content which is not actual already. (and it is difficult to edit all of them one by one) 4. For any other kind of posts which need update messages/ps.-es/comments …