Karma – WordPress Points and Rewards

With this extension you can reward customers for purchases and other actions with points.

Encourages your users to participate, commenting, publishing, purchasing and actively participating in the web.

The framework allows an infinite of possibilities that you can make or suggest as improvements.

Setup and Configuration

General Setup

After installing the plugin, the first thing you should do is setup your configuration by going to Karmas > Options karma_screenshot_options_menu

Woocommerce Integration

The plugin is integrated with Woocommerce, so the users can get karmas with their purchases.

From Karma > Woocommerce you can enable/disable the Woocommerce Integration, and set the parameters.



Admin Karmas

From the dashboard, you can manage the karmas, editing, removing and/or adding manually.




You have available the shortcodes: <strong>[karma_users_total]</strong> To display a list of users with their total karmas. It’s a shortcode version of the Widget. <strong>[karma_user_total]</strong> To display an user total karmas. <strong>[karma_karmas]</strong> To display a table with the current user karmas.




Karma Users Display your most active members as a widget.