JSC Fields – WordPress Meta Fields Made Easy

Demo URL

url: http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/wp-admin
username: demo
password: demo

Theme and Plugin Support

JSC Fields works with both themes and plugins (including multiple plugins at once!)

Quick WordPress Meta Fields Setup

JSC Fields takes all of the hassle out of declaring meta fields. Instead of writing HTML, PHP, and Javascript, simply manage one JSON file with options ranging from simple text fields to complex variable blocks of information.

Supported Options

  • Standard Text and Textareas
  • Radio and Checkbox Options
  • Select Dropdowns (including support for multiple selection dropdowns)
  • Image and File Pickers
  • Live search any post type
  • Numerical range sliders
  • Image Galleries
  • Repeating fields (for variable data)
  • Tabs
  • Easy shortcodes to output fields
  • Functions for calling options quickly in your code
  • Responsive design

What are Repeating Fields?

Example of Repeating Fields

How many times have you needed to get variable amounts of the same information for different posts (phone numbers, addresses, skills, etc)? Usually, you would set an upper limit (say 10 possible fields), and only end up using one of them. With variable fields, you can keep adding new blocks of information and display them on your website. Simply setup a template of standard options, and JSC Fields takes care of the rest.

Documentation and Support

To get a better idea of how this all works, and what features are supported, read the documentation at http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/or try the demo link at http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/wp-admin

If you have any questions or issues at all, email us at support@davidwoolf.net.