JM Responsive Menu for WordPress

JM Responsive Menu is an easy to setup Mobile Menu for WordPress.

Available Options

  • Mobile Breakpoint: The mobile Breakpoint is the width in px where the Responsive Menu becomes visible. You can choose a very high value if you want the menu to always be displayed.
  • Menu to use: Select one of your created Menus to be used for the responsive Menu. You can create a Menu under “Appearance”->”Menus”.
  • Menu to hide: Expectes a class or an id for the html element that contains the original menu, which will become invisible once the mobile breakpoint is reached.
  • Font Size and Line Height: Sets the font size and line height of the menu items.
  • Background Color and Background Opacity: Set the color and opacity of the background of the menu.
  • Burger Color: Sets the color of the responsive menu icon.
  • Burger Position: The position of the Burger-Menu.
  • Burger Margin: Margin of the Burger (top, right, bottom, left).
  • Font Color and Font Hover Color: Sets the Font and Hover color of the Menu Items.