Inventive woocommerce discounts

Inventive woocommerce discounts isn’t the classic woocommerce discount plugin, because it’s minimal and effective, and it does just what it promises to do: apply discounts to your products!

And more important, it works with gravity forms woocommerce addon and woocommerce products addon and classic woocommerce variations.

Plus it creates dinamically the discount table in your product description.

So if you have a variable product which updates its price when customer select an option (created with default woocommerce variations, gravity forms or woocommerce products addons), this plugin will automatically update discount table LIVE.

Plus you can show lowest discounted price on your product list page in differents layout.


3 different discount types: percentage, fixed amount on single product, fixed amount on overall product quantity

It works with gravity forms woocommerce addon

It works with Wocoommerce product addons

You can show discount table rate on your product description

Discount table rate updates LIVE when you select a variation for your product

You can show different price layout in your product price field

Very simple and effective to use

Multilingual ready

Multilingual ready