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 About Forest – WordPress Admin Theme   Forest is the new revolution of WordPress Admin Theme 2014 It’s time for You and your Clients to get away from boring admin. Forest will make you and your clients be excited with managing a wordpress site It’s the first time, we have a Awesome Quick Panel in

Responsive Charts

 ‘Responsive Charts’ allows you to create HTML5 animated charts easily in WordPress. 7 animated chart types Allows for multiple charts on a single page Fully customisable Responsive Uses Charts.js Animated Chart Types Pie Chart Doughnut Chart Bar Chart Line Chart Polar Chart Radar Chart Bootstrap Progress Bars

Fancy Scrollbar

 “Fancy Scrollbar – WordPress” is a plugin that can create custom scrollbar in wordpress sites. It has a lot of customization options. You can customize color, effects, scroll delay, rail strip, and many more parameters. Features: Unlimited Color Themes Custom Cursor Color Custom Rail/Strip Color Touch Support Strip Sensitivity Support Cursor Border Color Support Cursor

Simple Multi-Page Slideshow

 An easy way to split a WP blog post into a multiple page slideshow! Option Panel

Touchy: A WordPress mobile menu plugin

 Hello there and thank you or having a look at Touchy, a mobile-first menu plugin for WordPress. While fast, reactive and primarily meant for touch devices, Touchy can also be used on a full-blown desktop site as it’s been tested in a variety of browsers to ensure it works the same everywhere. Featuring quickly-accessible call

AIO Post Fly Box: Prev Next, Recent, Selected Post

 AIO (All In One) Post Fly Box is used to display Previous Next Posts, Recent Posts and Selected Posts/Pages on Fly Boxes which appear on mouse scroll. Lot of Customization Options available. 1. Prev Next Post Fly Box Demo – Shows the Previous/Next Posts in the Left and Right Fly Boxes respectively with respect to

Magic Responsive Slider &Carousel

 Magic Slider and Carousel will help you to create the next generation of sliders, using the CSS3 transitions for layers and an ultra-smooth KenBurns effect. You’ll also be able to create interactive ‘magic’ carousels with YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video support; HTML5 audio support; Image support; Links support. Enjoy it now! Features touch screen navigation

LinkSummary – Add Reference Links to Pages/Posts

 LinkSummary is designed to provide you with a powerful and flexible way to include blocks of ‘Reference Links’ in your Pages and Posts. It detects links in your content and allows you to number them (if you want), before outputting a ‘References’ section at the end of the Page/Post. Features include: Include all Posts, or

Modern Syntax Highlighter

 Bits allows you to easily post any markup to your site without losing its formatting and also can apply up to 43 modern theme to your markup .it can highlight post comments .it is highly customizable and has both global settings and per code settings . Main Features : lightweight plugin . It supports 71

WordPress Post-Page Carousel

 Descripton: Easy to use Post-Page carousel for wordpress site. Provide full control over carousel items and look-and-feel. Powered by user friendly shortcode system. You can use up to 23 parameters with shortcode for a very high level of customizations, which makes it extremely configurable. You can use as many instance of this plugin as you