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Smart Sidebars Slider

 Smart Sidebars Slider is a WordPress plugin that can add one or more extra sidebars (for widgets or any other content) that will be hidden behind the tab on left or right side of the screen. You can add one or more sidebars and control their visibility across different WordPress pages. CONTENT FOR SIDEBARS AND

Superior | Responsive WordPress Page Builder

 Superior Page Builder Superior is a visual builder that can be used to create a full one page template or as an independent builder to enhance your current wordpress themes. It has modules and sections to organize the content, which are sortables and customizables. Also, modules are available in different sizes to meet every kind

Different Menu in Different Pages

 Different menu in different pages is a very lightweight and useful plugin that helps you to set different menu in different WordPress pages. You can set different menu in same location based on posts, pages, category, custom post types, custom taxonomies and even in virtual pages. You just need to select which menu you want

Flyouts – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress

 BNE Flyouts is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas content that are displayed by pushing or sliding over your page content. Flyouts or “panels” can display contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, social feeds, display banners, include a custom menu, biography, or even custom data using a shortcode you’ve created elsewhere). The possibilities

WP Off Canvas Panels

 does not need to be visible right away! Think about adding a contact form in the left panel and when you click the contact button the panel expands with a smooth animation! Or add a google maps widgets in a panel and show it when the mouse is close to the panel, the possibilities are

Responsive Expand Hamburger Menu

 Features Unlimited color option, you can choose the menu color with the color picker in the backend. CSS3 transition. Menu can be displayed globally, home page only or on certain post(s)/page(s) only. Menu can be display in left, right, center or full-width. Reorder-able of the menus in the backend, you can easily change the order

Animation CSS3 Effects


Better Menu Highlighting

 The Better Menu Highlighting plugin makes WordPress menu highlighting more intelligent by highlighting menu items based on what section of the site you are in, rather than only highlighting a menu item when you are on that exact page. For example, let’s say you have an ‘Events’ link in your main navigation menu. If you

Testimonials Showcase


Multimedia Responsive Carousel

 Multimedia Responsive Carousel WordPress Plugin comes in 2 versions: Classic and Perspective. It can also be customized as video gallery or audio gallery. Please see the features and check the live preview to convince yourself of its quality. FEATURES: This Collection comes in 2 versions: – Classic – Perspective * It can also be customized