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ClassyLinks – Add CSS Classes to your links

 ClassyLinks is a simple WordPress plugin which overrides the default WordPress behaviour when you are editing text – allowing you to specify a CSS Class for links which you add using the built-in editor. We created this plugin because we ran into a few cases where we wanted to specify a particular CSS Class for

UberPanel – Sliding Panel Plugin

 UberPanel is a plugin which adds a widgetised sliding panel to any WordPress theme. It provides you with an unobtrusive way to add additional space to your theme.   Unobtrusive Sliding-Panel for your WordPress Theme Unobtrusively adds more space to your WordPress theme Supports WordPress widgets (four horizontal columns and one vertical) Choose from the

Fullscreen Parallax

 This plugin help you to add a fullscreen parallax to your WordPress, the text block support HTML other shortcode Features Live preview in the backend. Optional to display it globally or in a certain post/page only. Optional dot button navigation, the dot buttons can be in left or right. Optional tooltip for the dot buttons.


 The Mobilize plugin uses CSS3 only to generate a mobile menu from an existing WordPress menu and displays it for resolutions lower than 720px width (customizable). The menu is assigned via Appearance -> Menus section and can be a new menu or an existing one (usually a duplicate of the main/primary menu). Mobilize menu accepts

Media Library Categories Premium

 Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library and filter on categories when inserting media. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library. You can change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions. Features add / edit / remove categories from media items change

Awesome Admin Color Palettes

 Isn’t everybody excited about the new wordpress 3.8 theme and the newadministration panel look? The only thing that’s limited are the color palettes inside the theme. There are just a few color palettes available, and they don’t seem to be on everybody’s taste. Why did we decide to create a plugin related to this? First

WordPress Grid Slider Plugin

 This is a WordPress grid slider plugin with support for multiple categories, expandable html content, and lightbox. The slider is fully configurable and resizable through the plugin’s parameters and stylesheet. Features include: Responsive mode available Customizable number of columns and rows. Each slide can span different number of rows and columns. Support for multiple categories,


 WahMenu For WordPress Dockable WordPress Side Menu with pushout sub menu panels. Created to work perfectly on the Ipad browser. Please ignore the 1 star ratings – these came from unreasonable reviewers that did not allow for support before leaving a review. Now with shortcode support The world famous Wah-Menu is now available in WordPress!

PageLoader: A WP preloader with content slide-in

 PageLoader: A WordPress preloader with content slide-in PageLoader is a tiny, customizable WordPress plugin that gives all your posts and pages an animated loading screen. It also adds a nifty slide-in animation to all your content; as the loading screen fades away, your content slides down in anunobtrusive yet memorable way. It’s a great and

Fullscreen Background Slideshow

 A plugin help you to add a fullscreen background slideshow, the image support pattern overlay too. Note: Right now the plugin have the jQuery selectors options to make the content container transparent, but the blur image is generated by external image editor like Fireworks. You can apply Gaussian blur to the image then upload in

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