Interactive Financial Charts

About Interactive Financial Charts for WordPress

Interactive Financial Charts is a WordPress plugin, which takes advantage of Quandl, the largest online source of economic and financial data, and lets you easily add fully interactive and responsive charts. All you need to do is choose a data set (be it stock or commodity prices, gross domestic or national product, inflation or benchmark interest rate), customize chart options and get a chart shortcode – all through the native WordPress admin interface, no coding skills are required at all. It’s never been easier to empower your website with advanced financial charts.

Plugin features

  • Graphic user interface to configure look and feel of your financial charts
  • Unlimited number of charts on a single page
  • Unlimited number of data series on a single chart
  • Automatic data refresh and caching
  • Supported chart types: Line, Smoothed Line, Column, Step


So what kind of charts can this plugin display? For example, it can plot the unemployment rate in the US by race and ethnicity:

About Interactive Financial Charts

Or it can compare personal income growth against consumer price index:

About Interactive Financial Charts

Or it can simply display the historical price of a stock (Apple Inc in this case):

About Interactive Financial Charts

The possibilities are nearly endless. Browse Quandl to see what data is available there. Most of the core financial data on Quandl is FREE, however some advanced databases will require a paid subscription