Hide Email Address

Easily protect email addresses on your WordPress website from being accessed by web crawlers, web spiders and all kinds of bots. Just install and activate the plugin and email addresses in posts, pages, widgets and comments will be protected automatically.

Our plugin does not change any content in your database, we process the content on the fly and provide your real visitors with real information.

Additionally to email addresses you can manually insert our shortcode ([bg-hide-email-address]) to protect other sensitive single-line content on your website (like real names and phone numbers).

Give spammers no chances to collect your real information!

Main Features

  • Hide email addresses from bots
  • Hide single-line sensitive content from bots
  • Protected content is generated as image
  • Protected content is turned into text on click (for real visitors to copy)
  • Protected content uses the styles of your posts/pages/widgets
  • Automatically protects all emails on your site
  • Regular updates
  • Great support