Hashtag WP – Hashtags for WordPress And BuddyPress

Just like you do on social networks!

Hashtag WP brings hashtags to WordPress and BuddyPress.

Use hashtags in posts, pages, comments and BuddyPress now.

Now supports BuddyPress!

BuddyPress support has been added in version 1.0.5! You can now use hashtags in activities and comments.

Hashtag widget

An hashtag widget has been added in version 1.0.3! The widget is using the same style as original tag cloud widget, so it will work on any themes already.

When you add the widget, you can choose to display BuddyPress hashtags, Posts and Pages hashtags or All hashtags. In this way, you can have two different widgets for BuddyPress and your Posts and Pages.


Customize the look and feel of hashtags easily using WordPress Customizer. Hashtags WP comes with just the right amount of styling options to make your hashtags look uniques!

Opt-out of some features

Not a big fan of hashtags in WordPress comments? You can disable hashtags in comments while it’s activated on BuddyPress, Posts and Pages. You can also disable it totally for your visitors but still use it for yourself when you’re writing an article.