Google Pay + Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Supercharge your WooCommerce checkout experience with Google Pay!

There are hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards, billing addresses and shipping
addresses that customers have stored to their Google accounts while making purchases on apps like the Google Play
Store, YouTube, or while shopping the web with Chrome.

What does that mean for you as a business? Using Google Pay, almost ALL of your customers will NEVER have to
fill a form to enter their card or address information, significantly shortening your checkout process and increasing conversions!


  • Increased conversions: smoother purchases with Google Pay mean up to a 350% increase in
    for mobile payments.
  • Beefed-up security: your customers’ transactions are secured using Google’s end-to-end
    data encryption.
  • Global reach: Google Pay unlocks a global audience of hundreds of millions of new customers.
  • No additional charges: Google Pay is completely free to use.
  • Instant refunds: this plugin allows you to instantly refund your customers from the WordPress admin area.
  • Accept payments from ALL major credit and debit card networks

How it works

  1. This plugin assumes Stripe is your preferred payment processor and that you have setup your
    Stripe account (plugins for other payment processors coming really soon!)
  2. You buy this plugin and install it.
  3. You enter your Stripe publishable and secret keys while setting up the plugin.
  4. On your checkout page, customers can choose to use their saved address(es) on Google for their order, and skip having
    to enter any address. They click to pay with Google, and select one of their already saved cards, a billing and
    a shipping address.

  5. Google tokenizes their card information and returns it your site
  6. The tokenized card data is passed to Stripe, Stripe charges the card and instantly credits your Stripe account!

If they didn’t have any addresses saved previously, they simply enter one once on Google, and never have to
fill address info on your site, or on any other site that uses Google Pay!


The plugin comes with a PDF version of its documentation. An online version
can be found here.

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