Google Maps Scraping WordPress Directory Local Business

Scarping Google Maps results and save it to “locations” content type Do you wants to create a Local Business Directory but you haven’t time to add all the business manualy? With this script you can scrape all result for google maps and create a Local Business directory in minute. It start searching on google maps to get a list of all the result, after it search the business on google to collect all the information such as description, image, location, website, email on website, rating, services to create a full local business directory with one click. Start by set query of search (eg: hotel rome), domain and language of google, select the number of page to get the maximum number of results. The script create a directory full of local business to display on WordPress. The easy and fast way to create a local business directory on wordpress.

Where to use it?

If you have an information site for about a city you can give to your user a directory to see the attractions, the restaurant, the hotel or the shopping center in your city. If you are an hotel you can give to your user a lot information about every things to do around you, for example giving information about attractions or park for the children. If your site give information about “how to make a pizza” it would be usefull to give to your user a full list of pizzeria in the most important city of your country. Just try to make a city website of news and events? Add more information such as local business information with this wordpress directory based on google Maps Scraping result.

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