GoCardless Pro

About GoCardless Pro

The GoCardless Pro plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate GoCardless’ low-cost 1% payment system with your WordPress website.

The plugin allows you to create one-off payments, regular subscriptions, and payment mandates.

This plugin works with GoCardless’ new Pro API. You do not need to be a GoCardless Pro customer – GoCardless customers who have either a GoCardless Standard (i.e. no monthly charge) account or a GoCardless Pro account should use this plugin unless you are using the GoCardless legacy API.

If you are using the legacy API then you should consider using this plugin or contacting GoCardless to get upgraded to the new Pro API so that you can use this plugin.

Charging only 1% on transactions, with a maximum £2 charge, GoCardless (gocardless.com) is much cheaper than PayPal.

The GoCardless Pro plugin is implemented via one shortcode! For completeness, there is a second shortcode to create payment links too.

GoCardless Pro includes a comprehensive admin area where you can set up and test your GoCardless account with your WordPress website. You can also configure an unlimited number of payment options.

The GoCardless Pro plugin for WordPress is easy to set up and use and we’ve included a quick start guide as well as more detailed instructions.